Yo! My name's Lucas Campbell, and I'm an amateur voice artist. Welcome to my Tumblr!

Aside from things that my voice has popped up in, you can expect to find plenty of Ace Attorney, Valve and Rooster Teeth around here, with the occasional spattering of Game Grumps and Dangan Ronpa for good measure. There's also going to be plenty of small, fuzzy animals. Mostly bunnies. If you want to know what things I enjoy, what stuff I've voiced for, what my shoe size is, all that junk, then check my about page. Otherwise, feel free to stick around as long as you like!

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Because 'LucasCampbellVA' doesn't quite roll off the tongue.
Artist: CausticGambler/RedAsATomato

Song: Jake-Jane pesterlog
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PESTERLOG - Jake and Jane talk about feelings

If only we had an artist able to make a fake anime screenshot, we could’ve hopped on THAT bandwagon (about a month late). Anyway, here’s a pesterlog reading that the two of us worked pretty hard on over the past few days. It would’ve been more than just one page, but it turned out to be longer than we expected, so we regrettably had to cut it short. Hope you enjoy it!

Jake was voiced by me (CausticGambler)

Jane was voiced by Jane (Redasatomato)

Music is Kevin MacLeod’s Backed Vibes Clean, found on the Free Music Archive.

Original page can be found here.